Always open for good times

At McDonald's we are always open for good times. Approximately 3.2 million visitors in the Netherlands visit us every week to experience our delicious products and excellent service. We want to make our guests happy and that is only possible if you are happy too. We therefore do a lot to create a good working atmosphere in our restaurants. In addition, as an employee you will have opportunities to develop yourself.

The organization of McDonald's Parkstad

McDonald's Parkstad Group consists of four McDonald's Restaurants: Heerlen Centrum, Heerlen Drive, Kerkrade and Landgraaf. With more than 250 employees, there is a chance that you already know some of the people who work there. The nice thing about so many colleagues is that the diversity is enormous. Many colleagues start at the age of 15 and grow through the organization, so you really see each other grow up. Because of the time you spend together on the work floor, during breaks and at crew parties, you quickly get to know a lot of people. This has created many great friendships that continue outside the workplace. Teamwork and a good working atmosphere, that's what we do it for!

Will you come and work with us?  

You probably already know that you can get a delicious hamburger at McDonald's! But maybe you don't know yet that we can also offer you a nice job. At McDonald's you can work whenever you want, in a nice team close to home.  Working at McDonald's is working for the largest restaurant chain in the world. Every talent is very welcome at McDonald's. We offer the freedom and opportunities to develop in your own way within all layers of our organization. We match your job as much as possible with your studies, sport or hobby. We also want you to be able to be yourself, completely in line with our McDonald's culture. We appreciate you for who you are.

A job as Crew Member

As a Crew Member you are taking orders one moment and the other moment you are frying hamburgers or French fries or placing orders in the McDrive. At busy times, all colleagues go the extra mile to ensure that every guest is helped quickly. Moreover, with us you will learn to communicate clearly, collaborate in a structured manner and deal with different people. All things that you will enjoy for the rest of your life! Your experience within different zones (such as kitchen, counter, McDrive) allows you to quickly develop yourself. Are you convinced? Have a look at out open vacancies and apply!

Working at McDonald's Parkstad means: