Always open for good times

At McDonald’s, we're always open for good times. Approximately 3.2 million visitors come to us each week in the Netherlands to experience our delicious products and excellent service. We want to make our guests happy, and that can only happen if you are happy too. That's why we put a lot of effort into creating a positive working atmosphere in our restaurants.

The organization of Edwin Ooms.

The organization of Edwin Ooms consists of 9 restaurants: Berkel en Rodenrijs, Delft Noord en Brabantse Turfmarkt, Rotterdam Coolsingel 44, Korte Lijnbaan, Spaanse Polder, Parkboulevard, Schiedamseweg, and Zwart Janstraat. With over 700 employees, there's a good chance you already know some people.

Why work for the organization of Edwin Ooms?

Colleagues and Friends Our culture is our success. You start as colleagues and almost immediately become friends, or your friends become colleagues. It's a friendly atmosphere, and you also receive the Crew-gets-Crew bonus. Together, we work hard every day to give our guests that moment of happiness.

Flexible Working Hours Full-time or part-time? Working in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Whether you're studying, busy with sports, or taking care of your children, we offer flexible working hours that can be easily combined with other important things in your life.

Opportunities for Growth We all want to grow, and here, it really happens! You receive on-the-job training, and we also offer courses through the McDonald’s Academy. Almost everyone started as an (inexperienced) crew member. A great example is our star, Mohammad, who started as a part-time crew member at 18. Since 2015, alongside his studies, he has become a successful Management Trainee and recently a Restaurant Manager. Did you know that the franchisee Edwin Ooms also started as a 16-year-old crew member? Pretty amazing, right?

Safe and Welcoming Everyone is welcome here, and you receive equal opportunities. You become part of a diverse team, ranging from 15 to 79 years old with over 40 different cultural backgrounds. A warm and open atmosphere; we provide a place where you feel safe, an environment where everyone brings out the best in each other. We recently had the annual employee satisfaction survey and scored 7.8. We are proud of that! We believe that we can only be successful together. Here, you are at the center as an individual.

Will you come work with us?

You already know that you can score a tasty hamburger at McDonald’s of course! But maybe you didn't know that we can also serve you a great job. At McDonald’s, you can work when you want, in a fun team close to home. And all this at an absolute global brand!  

A part-time job as a Hospitality Employee.  

As a Hospitality Employee, you take orders at one moment, then cook hamburgers or French fries, or hand out orders at the McDrive. During busy moments, all colleagues step up to ensure every guest is served quickly.

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