Always open for good times

At McDonald’s, we're always open for good times. Approximately 3.2 million visitors come to us each week in the Netherlands to experience our delicious products and excellent service. We want to make our guests happy, and that can only happen if you are happy too. That's why we put a lot of effort into creating a positive working atmosphere in our restaurants. Fun activities for our team, such as a Sports Day and Staff Party, are regularly organized. Additionally, as an employee, you get a 20% discount on McDonald’s outside working hours in our restaurants. During your shift, this discount is even 50%.

The organization of Jan Slenders

You'll find the restaurants of Jan Slenders in Nederweert, Weert, Roermond Hamstraat, Roermond Outlet Centre, Echt, Maastricht Vrijthof, and Maastricht Wyckerbrugstraat. There's a good chance you already know some familiar faces working with us. Due to the great team atmosphere, you'll quickly make friends and feel like a part of the McDonald’s family.

Work is fun, but even more enjoyable with your friends! Working at McDonald’s Nederweert, Weert, Roermond Hamstraat, Roermond Outlet Centre, Echt, Maastricht Vrijthof, and Maastricht Wyckerbrugstraat means joining a diverse and friendly team of approximately 500 colleagues. Everyone is welcome in our team, with or without experience. We'll teach you all the ins and outs of McDonald’s. Collaborating for Good Times is what we do!

Flexible working hours with school & (top) sports Together with you, we'll find the best working hours for you. We take into account your school, sports, and/or family commitments. Even top athletes with 6/7 training sessions per week work within our organization. By considering each other's schedules, we can always find the perfect match. This way, you can still work hours and earn a decent salary without giving up anything.

Developing and growing within McDonald’s With us, you're not just a number on the payroll but a valued colleague. Our crew gives everyone the chance to shine and grow. You develop important skills that will help you in your studies or career. Even better, this can also happen within McDonald’s! Follow a recognized BBL (work-based learning) program at MBO entry level, level 2, level 3, and level 4 while working. Who knows, in a few years, you might be a Floor Manager in one of our restaurants. Over 95% of our managers in our restaurants have moved up from Crew. Are you the next management talent?

McDonald’s Crew Card Through collaborations with local partners, you can enjoy discounts on the services or products they offer. Earn well and get discounts at your favorite businesses by showing your digital Crew Card. That's pretty awesome!

Will you come and work with us?

You already know that you can score a tasty hamburger at McDonald’s! But maybe you didn't know that we can also serve you a great job. At McDonald’s, you can work when you want, in a fun team close to home. And all this at an absolute global brand!

From side job to Manager  

As a Hospitality Employee, you take orders at one moment, then cook hamburgers or French fries, or hand out orders at the McDrive. During busy moments, all colleagues step up to ensure every guest is served quickly.

Moreover, you'll learn clear communication, structured teamwork, and how to interact with different people. All skills you'll benefit from for the rest of your life! Through your experience in different areas (such as kitchen, counter, McDrive), you can quickly further develop yourself.

In fact, over 95% of all managers in our restaurants have grown from the Crew. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to work full-time at McDonald's. In several restaurants, we have part-time Managers who, on weekends, alongside their weekday studies, manage and coach (large) restaurant teams. These skills will accompany you throughout your career.

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