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What will you be doing?

You know that feeling when your McDonald’s order is ready? You can give other people that wonderful feeling as a catering employee. Make the most delicious Big Mac, fry the perfect golden French fries or make our smallest guests happy with a Happy Meal.

Easy to combine

Working is nice, but your personal life is just as important. By working together with your colleagues and of course by enjoying the money you earned.

You can do fun things with it outside of working hours, because you can work flexibly, making it easy to combine with all the other things you find important in your life.

Being yourself

At McDonald’s, we accept you for who you are and think it is important that you can just be yourself. There are two key elements to working at McDonald’s: helping our guests and preparing our products.

Do you think you can do that? Then, you will fit right into the McDonald’s culture. We think it is important that you can be and develop yourself. You will have the opportunity to grow and there is even the possibility to obtain a (MBO) vocational diploma through McDonald’s!

At most McDonald’s restaurants, you can work from the age of 15. At some restaurants, you can only start working when you’re 16 because you can also work in the kitchen and behind the counter. That will give you new duties and your job becomes more varied! If you are younger than 15, you can unfortunately not work at McDonald’s yet.

This is your travel time!

Application procedure

Application procedure