The very first McDonald's

Did you know that the first McDonald’s in Europe was in the Netherlands? In 1971, McDonald’s Zaandam was opened. In recent years, many more restaurants have been added. In the Netherlands alone, there are over 260 McDonald’s restaurants! We are constantly changing the menu, so there is something delicious for everyone. But the basis is still the same: friendly and fast service, tasty, high-quality products, a clean restaurant and attractive prices.

Choose from 260 restaurants

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A sustainable menu

As a McDonald’s employee, you provide guests with delicious food every day. But besides the taste of our products, we also believe it is important that our products are sustainable. That is why we are improving animal welfare and reducing our environmental footprint.

Doing more together for less waste

Did you know that all our Crew members sort waste into 7 streams? This is how we make our waste suitable for recycling. Waste from guests in the restaurants is separated through post separation. This allows us to recycle more than 1/3 of all our waste.

More than four fifths of our residual waste is now post-separated (85%) by means of rubbish compressors. This allows us to recycle as many raw materials as possible from residual waste into materials for new products. By the end of 2023, all waste will pass through the post-separation lines.

A green working environment

Would you like to work in a climate-neutral environment? So do we! This is what we’re investing in. For instance, all our restaurants already run on 100% green energy and during refurbishments we install LED lighting, heat recovery, energy-efficient equipment and water-free urinals. In doing so, we are making our offices more sustainable too. And our logistics partner HAVI runs on a mix of diesel and vegetable oil and invests in hybrid and electric lorries. That is how we work together to make McDonald’s even more sustainable.

We are there for families

The best moments are those spent with family. As a family restaurant, McDonald’s takes its responsibility. For instance, 50% of our Happy Meals meet the international nutritional criteria and every Happy Meal contains vegetables or fruit. Furthermore, we have removed all artificial colours, flavours and preservatives from our menu.

We believe it is important that guests can make an easy choice that makes them feel good. That is why we are transparent about nutritional values and market our products responsibly. And through our support of the Ronald McDonald Children’s house, we also bring families closer together when a child is sick.

Being a good employer

As the biggest catering employer in the Netherlands, McDonald’s is at the heart of society. With 20,000 colleagues in the Netherlands, there are plenty of people you can learn from. However, you can also do that through the McDonald’s Academy, where you can get a recognised MBO diploma (post-secondary vocational education). Additionally, we offer our employees free language lessons. We think it is important that all those 20,000 colleagues feel at home, safe and comfortable when they are at work.

Get your MBO diploma at McDonald's

  • Since September 2009

  • A nationally recognised MBO diploma

  • From level 1 to level 4

  • For both Crew and Management