Cookies are small, simple text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone as soon as the websites and all underlying web pages, mobile application(s) and social media accounts of McDonald’s (collectively: the “Services”) are used.

According to the law, can store McDonald's cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the use of the website. All other types of cookies require your consent.

On its websites and mobile applications, McDonald’s uses different types of cookies, consisting of functional, analytical and marketing cookies. Some cookies are set by third-party services that are displayed on our pages.

Cookies Overview

McDonald’s uses cookies and similar technologies for its services. These cookies can be divided into the following categories, in which they are used for the following purposes:

  • Functional cookies help McDonald’s Services to function. Without these cookies, the Services cannot function properly or McDonald’s cannot remember your preferences for using or displaying a specific function. For instance, if you enter a city or postcode to search for the nearest McDonald’s restaurant, McDonald’s may store that data in a cookie so that the relevant information of the restaurant is displayed when you return to the relevant Service. A second example is when you do not want to receive interest-based advertising. In that case, McDonald’s stores this preference in a cookie on your device. These cookies can therefore not be disabled;
  • Analytical cookies enable McDonald’s to learn about how users interact with the Services. Subsequently, these data are used to make adjustments to further improve the user experience of the Services. Thanks to these cookies, McDonald’s can learn about the result of its marketing efforts.
  • Marketing cookies are used to track users when they use different Services. The aim is to display ads and other forms of communication that is tailored and relevant to individual users. In addition, we note that even if you opt out of targeted advertising, you will continue to see ads. These are not tailored to your specific interests

Cookies from social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are also marketing cookies, allowing interaction with social network plugins. They allow a user to personally share parts of a website on popular social networks such as Facebook. Read the privacy statements of Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube (which may change regularly) to see what they do with your personal data that they process through cookies.

Personal data may be collected when using cookies. Read how McDonald’s deals with personal data here.

Deleting Cookies

You can control and delete cookies at all times and you can set your browser to block cookies. You can read more about this on website This does mean that you will have to reset your preference each time you visit and some parts of the Services may not work (properly). Blocking or deleting cookies does not mean that you will no longer see any ads.

In addition to cookies, our Services may also use other similar technologies to store and read data on your device. Like cookies, these technologies are used to store a unique identifier for your device, which can then be used to track your behaviour. For example, this identifier may be based on your browser settings in combination with your IP address. If you do not want your behaviour to be tracked, you can disable this via the Do-No-Track function of your browser. Deleting cookies does not mean that your behaviour is no longer tracked.


The information in this Cookie Statement is updated regularly. Amendments to this Cookie statement will be announced via the Services.


Please do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected] if you have any queries about this Cookie Statement.    

Last amendment: May 2023