Working in one of our restaurants

Did you know that Europe's first McDonald's was in the Netherlands? In 1971, McDonald's Zaandam opened its doors.

Many restaurants have been added in recent years. In the Netherlands alone, there are over 260 McDonald's restaurants!

Working in catering

Working in a McDonald's restaurant means you will soon be in a team of 75 colleagues. Moreover, on average, around 12,500 guests visit a McDonald's restaurant every week. With a job as a catering employee, you develop skills for life, such as cooperation, focus on service and taking responsibility. It can be hard work at times, but you have a lot of flexibility. Plus, you'll make friends for life!

You can start working at most McDonald's restaurants from the age of 15. At some restaurants, you can only start working when you are 16. Unfortunately, if you are younger than 15 you cannot work at McDonald's.

What are
the duties of a Crew Member?

Why McDonald's?

A flexible (side) job with a good salary at McDonald’s, who wouldn’t want that? Owing to the long opening hours, a job at McDonald’s is easy to combine with other things that matter in your life. Working at McDonald’s really is for everyone, read more about it here.

Always open for Good Times

Our mission at McDonald’s is to provide guests with spontaneous moments of happiness by offering fresh and fast food that makes them feel good. Every guest is welcome at our restaurants, we are always open to innovation, and we love to offer our guests the best experience and products every day.

Everybody is welcome

At McDonald’s, we value you for who you are. Every talent is welcome. We offer the freedom and opportunities to develop in your own way at all levels of our organisation. Working at McDonald’s is fun now and good for  later.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Teamwork plays an important role at McDonald’s. You will work in a large and pleasant team where everyone works well together. You do everything together to give every guest an excellent experience. You get to know many new people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Easy to combine

With over 260 restaurants, there is always a McDonald’s restaurant near you. What’s more, a job at McDonald’s is easy to combine with many other things that matter to you thanks to the long opening hours.

Sustainability and Leadership

Thanks to our international sustainability programme ‘Scale for Good’, we can use our scale to have a positive impact on our environment. It is based on five central spearheads: Reducing (Food) Waste, Climate Action, Good Employer, Sustainable Protein and Commitment to Families. Together with guests, employers and franchisees and chain and cooperation partners we make a difference. Our guests are central, they can enjoy the experience more when they feel good at McDonald’s, which cares about people, animals and the environment.