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About McDonald's Academy

Do you ever think about your future? Maybe you have already mapped it out or you are not sure yet where you want to be in 5 years. Have you ever thought about all the opportunities that McDonald's can offer you for your personal development? The McDonald's Academy is the place where you can find more information about all possible training courses.

You might be interested in:

  • An MBO (post-secondary vocational education) at various levels?

  • Associate Degree at HBO level (higher vocational education)?

  • Language training?

  • Professional and personal development?

  • Training courses in the McDonald’s curriculum?

Want to know more? We love to tell you more about the options at McDonald's. Below you'll find more information and you can see if something suits you.

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MBO entry level - Foodservice Assistant

After your training, you will know the menu inside out. You will develop skills in safe and hygienic production and be able to cooperate and communicate with the whole crew.

MBO 2 - Foodservice Professional

During the Foodservice Professional training, you will learn plenty of skills. You will not only prepare but also serve the products and help guests in your restaurant. You will develop skills in hospitality, sales, preparation techniques, stock management and hygiene.

MBO 3 - Foodservice Team Leader

Do you see yourself as a manager? As Foodservice Team Leader, you are the right hand of your manager or trainee manager. You ensure smooth teamwork, optimal guest service and know everything about the balance between sufficient inventory and low costs.

MBO 4 - Foodservice Manager

Leadership is the most important skill of a manager. You lead the restaurant in the area of personnel, sales targets, purchasing, marketing, finance, administration, and quality assurance. During the training, you will learn a lot about your personnel, from recruitment to assessment. You will also work with profit and loss accounts.

HBO - Entrepreneurship and Retail Management

This dual programme is open to positions starting from Crew Trainer to 1st Assistant Manager, provided that you meet the requirements to start an HBO programme (higher vocational education). The Avans University in Den Bosch offers this programme, which will give you an Associate Degree Entrepreneurship and Retail Management within 2 years.

Hamburger University

McDonald’s very own curriculum for advancing to various leadership positions within the restaurant. The curriculum is accessible as soon as you get promoted to shift leader. Pathways per position include Learner Journals, eLearnings, Simulation games and a course at McDonald's Training Center.

EF Language Training

Virtual Dutch language training, in which you follow a 2-hour lesson every week for 15 weeks. This training is intended for employees who have not yet mastered the Dutch language. If you want to improve your English, virtual language training gives you access to EF’s learning platforms for 6 months.